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Default Other side not playing nice, so should I do same?

Should I play their "game"? The other side's lawyer is slime and throws wild lies all the time in to their written submissions and in front of the judge. So, I am seriously contemplating sinking to their level to "level" the playing field. Actually, I we recently set up a 4 way meeting (it will occur in 2 weeks) to show them some of the many "cards" - actually my ex has an important government position, and I have lots of dirt/secrets that he told me that would totally ruin his career, and probably get him arrested (which would solve many problems). I plan to threaten to tell them that I would go to the press, and/or inform their superiors of the TOP SECRET information that they frequently leaked/divulged to me. I hate to do this, but it seems the only way to get them to stop trying to imply that I am a bad person and stop them from wasting money by constantly dragging things out and creating motions.. So, my question to all of you knowledgeable people is, "Should I go ahead and make the threat?"