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20K for a trial or 20K for filing and going through the motions?
No one can tell you but count on 20K for sure, no way that includes a trial.

When it comes to costs with a high-conflict ex these are things that increase the costs dramatically, no one knows your ex:
-An assessment can be unpredictable and create a big hole for you.
-An false accusation of assault, stay away from the ex. Never darken their doorstep, ever. Never invite them to your place.
-Do exchanges in a public place with cameras and even then beware don't talk, just do the hand off of the baby and go. Run away if you have to, I have no pride.
-An accusation of being controlling or harassment, message 2 or 3 times a week and keep it super brief. You are not friends and don't attempt to convince them of anything even if it benefits the kids. Just say it once and if you must follow up do it once.
-don't ask them to come back.
-don't get suckered in by your exes lies and purposed stupidity. It is a setup.

-take a parenting course even if you are a good parent.
-know the teachers names and be friends with them.
-The please and thank you thing in your written messages. Be kind don't have pride.

Your 5 year old will get over it but you have to figure out how, I would include them in the activities of the younger one. You will be busy.
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