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By the sounds of things you have a parallel parenting arrangement that you don't much agree with but unfortunately your ex does not have to tell you whether he or his spouse is caring for your children at any given time. The Judge in my case has made that perfectly clear to my ex, she only cares whether my son is looked after. What I take from this is that you have a difference of opinion with your ex's new family (regardless of whether it's him or her) and you can't stand her but that is just to bad.

You could request the right of first refusal but I am not sure that would included the kids stay with your ex's new spouse. I think it's unrealistic to think that the court would say he cannot leave them in her care not matter how long it was for. They live together and are a family regardless of whether the new spouse is their stepmom or whether they are just common-law.

I really don't think this has much to do with your concern for the kids as it is does with this stepmom's influence over your children. What does it matter that they travel out of the country with their stepmom? Do they come home? Does it affect your access? How does any of this affect your children's best interests?

I think you are losing focus on this a bit and need to step back and take a breath. I understand you are protective our your kids but from what I can see the stepmom is not doing anything to hurt them. Sorry to disagree.