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Lorac - PLease if we should ever find ourselves in the same town - heck even a couple of towns away - I have been longing for so long to have a real conversation with an engaging individual........

Ok I admit, I have raised my voice, sadly more in the last three months than the last thirty years - frustration of getting nowhere. To "discuss" the issues even one and hopefully come to some form of - well at this point I would take anything! Instead it is the silience and stealth moves - this would be a different post but I do remember reading here in this forum something that sticks in my head. Fair? Justice?? has nothing to do with our Family Law system so is this truely the next step?

But a serious point was brought up - quoted from the article;
"The decision also means that denying money to a partner or criticising them can count as violence and bring down draconian domestic violence penalties from the courts."
I find myself in agreement - depravation of money, continual barage of words intended to break one's spirit and self asteam, threat of "taking the kids away - forever". Once we would all say just words..... years of taking this form of abuse and it becomes a very real form of violence that can harm much more than a punch, a broken arm - those things heals in weeks (months) but the mental abuse certainly has a good cause for being labelled "violence of the worst kind" taking years if ever to get over the trama.