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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
What would you have done if the mother had died the day you separated. Would you have been able to take custody then? How was separation different than death?

I never said you were.

I truly believe that 50/50 should be a default presumption, and I think it is a travesty that it is not.

But... the courts will think you are doing this just for money. Also, most of your posts on this forum to date have been about money.

My advice: Don't mention money at all. For the love of God don't send anything in writing to your ex complaining about money, or how you don't have any, or how you are broke. All those messages will be used to show that you are going for 50% custody just to save money.

Unless you have a criminal conviction, it probably isn't as special or unique as you think. If it is a criminal conviction, save your money. We had a poster here not long ago who tried to solve his family law troubles before his criminal trial. It didn't end well.

If the mother stole away the child, and the father did not immediately bring that to court, then the court sees that as the father agreeing that the child should live with the mother.

The child has been with the mother for almost a year, and the child has not died. That means her parenting is effective. Do you have any evidence that the child is suffering?
Thanks for your help Janus.
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