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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
If she is entitled to spousal (and truly you should have a lawyer) then try to fight to have it reviewed at different periods like three and five years or even stepped down. If you are young and you havent been married long, the likelihood of long or permanent spousal support will be lower.

Janus is right about the rest. No one cares about the non custodial parent and getting upset about it is a waste of energy.

Focus on getting less spousal for a shorter period of time, transitioning to 50/50 and getting your ex back to work.
Thanks rockscan for your reply. Honestly, after reading janus' replies, I went into a shock although I know that the response is correct as per the limited information provided from my side.
The marriage was a bit long-10ish years. Looks like will need to go for a 50/50 battle soon. With 10ish years of relation, how many years of spousal support should I expect based on your observations in the forum? Sorry I am new to this forum and not much knowledgeable of the family law. Thanks
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