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Originally Posted by tilt View Post
If she is working the Sec 7 is proportional to income, including her spousal support and CCTB. You want to be thinking long term that her working is going to decrease your expenses and possibly affect the amount and duration of spousal support she received. Spousal and child support should max out at around 50% of your joint income.
Thanks tilt. Didn't know that CCTB is considered as well when calculating the S7 expenses. As for the spousal support, I thought that it remained constant throughout the years it has been ordered for. For example, say a $1000/month of spousal support for 5 years has been ordered when she wasn't working. Now she starts working and therefore due to an increase in her income, the S7 expenses will be shared proportionally. But the original $1000/month would stay for the next 5 years although she's working and the circumstances have changed unless there's a specific clause in the agreement saying otherwise?

To me, it just sounds crazy, i.e. she's awarded for example $1000/month when she's not working. Now, she's working and making X amount of dollars plus the childcare being paid proportionally. So the father is now paying $1000/month plus proportional childcare because she's working now. Looks to me that the father is being screwed in every scenario? or am I missing something? Thanks
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