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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
Section 7 expenses are extraordinary, not extracurricular.

Swimming lesson are not extraordinary, so they would be covered by child support. Olympic training is extraordinary, and as such would not be covered by child support.

Daycare is always considered to be a S7 expense if it is for employment purposes.
Thanks Janus. I am however very confused about the daycare considering the following scenario:

- Mother doesn't work before separation. Father works
- Father pays child support as per the guideline income after separation
- Mother demanding full spousal support
- Now say mother starts receiving the full spousal support as well
- Father is hardly going to make both ends meet after the above scenario
- Father doesn't have the child's custody and sees the child over weekends but spends a lot of money on the child's needs while the child is with the father including food, clothes, diapers, play places (paid), etc. and all of this amount is not considered S7 expenses!!
- Then mother starts working and hires a nanny/send the child to daycare and claims that as a S7 expense while already taking all of the above amounts although father does not have resources to pay this anymore

Please let me know what can a father do in the above scenario? If the father cannot pay the S7 expenses for the childcare due to inability/lack of funds, what would happen in such a case? Thanks
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