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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Day care for either of you to work is s7.

Other activities are grey. If your child was in activities before separation they may be allowed. Camp during the summer can be considered day care and will be s7.

The term REASONABLE comes up a lot for s7. One parent cannot put kids in a pile of activities just as the other parent cant say no to everything. Would swimming lessons be reasonable? Yes as it relates to safety. Would private swimming lessons be reasonable? No because basic group classes are available.

For daycare remember you pay your share of the net cost. If you ex gets any subsidies and tax benefit from daycare, that comes off the top before you split it.

May also be a good idea to start putting money away for university/college. That will be a big cost in the future and not many plan for it. You can open your own RESP to use for your share of that expense.
Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
You dont have to agree to everything. But if your ex goes to work then you do pay for daycare. The good part is they are earning income and pay a portion as well.

The ex will have to get agreement in writing from you to have it as a s7. They cant simply register and then tell you to pay up.
Thank you so much rockscan for the replies. Thanks for taking time for a comprehensive reply. Highly appreciated
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