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Originally Posted by tilt View Post
Yes, child care for either of you to work is Section 7 and you usually pay proportionate to income.

Swimming classes and gym would most likely be allowed, as long as your CS payments are super high - I think around $2,000 a month is when Judges say extracurriculars of a few hundred are in clouded in the CS. Something like putting the child in very expensive hockey or a professional-level sport which costs thousands per year is generally only allowed when they were in those activities prior to separation.

Adding new extracurriculars is accepted, especially if the child was young when you separated - some extracurriculars are only available when the child hits a certain age.
Thanks tilt.
- Does that mean the parent with the child day to day decision making rights can decide to put the child into any extracurricular activity as they feel right without asking the paying parent for consent? And then claim these as section 7 expenses?
- Sorry for my lack of knowledge but I am trying to get my head around this: what if the paying parent does not have enough financial resources to pay additional section 7 expenses such as day care/child care, extracurriculars, etc.?
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