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Originally Posted by standing on the sidelines View Post
I wouldnt mention about only a few companies using the program and that others were phasing it out. Makes it sound like you were in a job that was going to disapppear due to being obsolete.

The person in the office was in the wrong if they mentioned anything to your ex when she called.

You may have showed the ex the termination letter but did you talk about reducing CS and stopping SS. You should have maybe started legal stuff then.

You mention in your post about terminating CS but I take it you meant SS?
Yes an email was sent to her requesting her position on CS & SS given the new circumstances, she never responded. actually i went to see duty counsel at the time and she advised that I can claim SS (which i dont think would have gotten anywhere so i did not proceed with that) but i did send that information via email. and i think she got scared to having to pay me and ran to quit her job.

Yes i did mean to say termination of SS and not CS. I will have to find a way to continue giving CS according to my new income.
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