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Originally Posted by InterprovincialParents View Post
Unfortunately, the law only allows one file a claim for undue hardship. It is a very onerous and difficult task. And the courts work from a base assumption that separated or divorced parents should not have more children than they can afford to support...

However, should you feel you can put forth a claim, the information can be found at the link below...

The Federal Child Support Guidelines: Step-by-Step
I want to clear up something here, I am not trying to get out of paying child support for my son nor section 7 but the facts are as follows:

My ex won't let me see my son for over 1 yr now, Parental Alienation

I was forced to pay $350.00 in section 7 expenses, which is 50% of $700.00 a month my ex spends on outside of school activies for my son, 10 in all, which was argued my my lawyer, therapist, mediator that it is too many for a 13 yr old child, ex refused to comply

I don't see my son so I don't now if that money is really being used for the activites, because my ex refuses to co-parent and consult with me before signing him up, refuses to send me a schedule, and refuses to send me receipts etc. so I am paying blind

I am forced to pay monthly even though things may change year to year or with my son growing up until he turns 25 as a student or 18 non-student, for these activites all because my exc refused to settle the case unless she got this and she dosen't wnat me to see my son nor talk to me

I wanted to attend a reconnection program to try and be able to see my son, shich I have been fighting for over 2 yrs for visitations on the advice of the mediator, my ex finally agreed on a 6 mnth trial basis, but program usually works best if attended for 3 years, but I am forced to pay for me and my son at $85 per hour 2 hours per week so we are looking at an additional $650 per month (that I can't afford) on top of paying the other supports all because she refuses to let my son see me

My ex lives with her parents and pays no rent no morgage and no household bills, she makes $65000 per yr and she walked aways with more RRSPs than me (which she refused to give me my equal portion), plus more from the house sale, she walked away with winning the lottery, I have to pay ent and household bills and I do not make much more than her annually, she had more savings than me in bank and more assests and I got nothing

Its this is fair women can go on and remarry and have more children etc but the man cannot because he has to pay for a previous child, nonsense, many women out there make a living off child and sposal support and men can't go on having another life and family because of the monary value on it.......not moral at all

There has to be a law or soemthing that evaluates that my ex lives for free and has alot of money in the bank, makes good money and only has one child to support, which in reality my support of $600 per month is more than enoguh to cover anything my child needs and put most of it in savings still, since she doens't have to pay living expenses or literally provide for him, food, clean cloths etc, becaue her mother does it for her. Our living expenses, obligations and living conditions are totally opposite extremes. There must be help out there somewhere for men in my situtation??????