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Originally Posted by oakley View Post
I am presently paying support for one 13 year old child from my first marriage and I am going to have a child in my second marriage in January 2011, are there any laws that will help me reduce my child support to my first child if I am having a second??? I can't afford to support my new relationship and new baby with what I am paying now............

How do they expect men to go on with their lives...........
As the other posters have already pointed out... you were aware of your obligations to your first child before you decided to have another.

It is reasonable to assume that you were aware of the financial implications of having a baby, and considering the cost of said obligations... you still chose to impregnate your new spouse.

You can request relief from the courts by making a claim of undue hardship, but unless your combined household income is substantially less than that of your ex spouse, leaving you at a severe disadvantage, you will be wasting your time.

Maybe you could try negotiating with your ex for a reduction?

It is reasonable that after a marriage dissolves, that both parties can expect to be able to "move on" and rebuild, meet new partners etc..... and you can.

What you can not do is negate your responsibility to your children. It is certainly not their fault that your marriage failed!!!

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