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Originally Posted by oakley View Post
I am presently paying support for one 13 year old child from my first marriage and I am going to have a child in my second marriage in January 2011, are there any laws that will help me reduce my child support to my first child if I am having a second??? I can't afford to support my new relationship and new baby with what I am paying now............child support, $350.00 in section 7 expenses, plus othrodonist etc.

How do they expect men to go on with their lives............

Please any advise would be great.
There's no way to say this without sounding harsh, but you are, and should be, responsible for your first child no matter what else happens in your life. Was there no discussion about finances before you and the new spouse decided to have a child?

A parent is expected to go on with their life in full recognition that the consequences of the first half should not be ignored.

That said, I believe there is some sort of mechanism for changing child support due to undue hardship or material change in circumstances, but that may be limited to unanticipated events, such as job loss. Even a child conceived by accident is not wholly unanticipated; you know where babies come from! Other people would be better sources of advice about that though, as it's not an area that applies to me so I haven't done any research there.

Good luck, and congratulations!