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Originally Posted by kate331 View Post
I think right now, I need to deal with my own problems and consequences for the best interest of mine and my fathers children, and deal with my own poor choices before I am ready to conquer others parents problems. Your "what ifs" are thoughts for more senior members who have "been there" imo. I havent even reached the court system yet.

Did the Mother of your child make a poor choice? If society should encourage people to make better choices, where did u go wrong?
Yes but not because I'm a bad father, I'm a great father.. but because she got pregnant on purpose to try and keep me .. I had always wanted to get married and be very selective before starting a family.. This is someone i never would have chosen to have a child with.. Yes i had sex with her.. but she lied about birth control and then about having an abortion.. Im still responsible for my actions but my point is that had a planned things out I would never have had a child outside of marriage and I wanted till late 30's and was still unmarried and had never been because I was waiting for the right person to have children with.

I spent years dating recreationally .. had i had it to do over again i would have been pursuing a relationship much more seriously early on.. but even then it took me a long time to start valuing the right things..

In any case at least i had the basics in my head that id never have children until i got married to someone I was sure about and spent a good amount of time married before having children... at least that was the plan..

The poor decision my ex made was trying to bypass the system.. I think a lot of people who can't have relationships let alone proper marriages think they can be good parents.. and i kind of look at it like learn to walk before you run.. but its a lot easier to have a child than it is to be a parent.. and I think people look for shortcuts in todays society.. So they rush to jump steps when they haven't even worked out their own emotional issues.
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