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I am new here and hate to comment with my limited experience with a view only from my specific situation. Please do not bounce me since another post I made says I feel in my situation the perfect storm has formed. I feel we got off on the wrong foot ( no blame assigned, let's call it equal for the sake of this )

This perfect storm will simply ( this might sound harsh) ruin my life. I sounded optimist at times I know. I have now blown awy God know how much money with lawyers since my effort at mediation with a supposedly "neutral" member member of HER FAMILY family failed.

The perfect storm is slowing forming as I see it. I will not get into it but I am up the crib without a paddle. Not even sure I will have place to stay. Millionaire one day. Next day not to simplify. I will be forced not keep company I do not want to pay her a ridulous of support to give her the lifestyle she is accustomed to. She took what she wanted it and left me to clean everything. All the problems of the house cleanings etc.

She is normenting me saying it is all my fault. My fingers are venting to tonight. Nothing I say gets through to her greedy smell.

She loves to spend hous of time with my beautiful grandchildren effectively cutting me off. Something has to break soon before I do. Tanks for listening to my vent

Your thought would b appreciated if you have any
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