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Your sister is going to have to generate a paper trail for requests for the child's access. The one advantage to your sister's case is that court has yet to order custody. It should be pointed out that it appears at law they still have coextensive custody and coextensive guardianship of the child currently.

I am not clear as to the age of the child. This day and age internet communication with web cam is often used with programs such as yahoo or ms messenger. Perhaps, your sister could also request this reasonable form of communication and maybe even supply a webcam to the child in a formal letter as most households are online. If the request goes rejected, again this will support your sisters stance of being marginalized out of the life of the child and questions the willingness of the other parent to promote a meaningful relationship between the child and the mother.

Easter and March break is approaching, would it not be reasonable for the child to visit their mother for either or both of these holidays?

Access is the right of the child and incident's of the child's access is based on their best interest. With that said, It is logical to conclude that both parent's have an ongoing parental obligation to the child to participate either physically or monetary in the child access travel and or make a viable contribution to such. It is no different than taking the child to a physician or to a sports event etc. Therefore, your sister should also request that the other parent assist with the child's travel costs to facilitate say perhaps easter and or the march break access. It doesn't hurt to ask formally and if same goes denied or rejected, it creates more evidence in a custody adjudication and further demonstrates the lack of willingness and effort of the other parent to promote and foster the relationship. You mentioned that the individual is working oil rigs, therefore this is suggestive in itself that they are making big bucks and can afford to contribute.

as an example, Cost of a one way flight on March 9, 2007 from Saskatoon to Vancouver via Air Canada is $112. Air Canada has a special program for children flying without an adult for a small fee.

These are some brainstorming suggestions to preserve the parent child relationship and to assist your sister to build her case by way of evidence.