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I have no right to tell my ex who or what to do.

If there is a clear and present provable danger then I can file a motion - that is the extent of my involvement in her life.

"A fool learns from their own mistakes and a wise person learns from the mistakes of others" This expression is rooted in researching statistics and other similar things in order to not get caught in the mistakes of others.

All I am saying is taht step fathers are OVER-REPRESENTED in abuse against daughters compared to bio-fathers.

Even if I "feel" my ex's boyfriend is going to molest my child unless I have some clear evidence or something very compelling then I am going to shut my mouth - I am not going to ruin people's lives and relationships because of statistics.

There is no "emotional" reasoning - there is the statistical fact, there is my situation, there are precautions I can take, things I can watch out for and thats it.

I don't have the right to meet my ex's boyfriend to "allay" my unfounded fears of her boyfriend

And on another note, I married my ex mostly for sex I didn't realize/know about child/spousal support and all this other garbage otherwise I would have never gone this for with the tramp. All this "At one point, you trusted her BS" is BS. Just because I married you doesn't mean I thought you were smart enough to manage your own affairs. There are some people that are stupid and some that aren't. Being intelligent isn't always the reason to marry soembody
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