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Default Am I in A Common Law Relationship?

I normally spend 6 months a year in Ontario Canada and 6 months in a foreign country. In the foreign country (not USA), I have a girlfriend who has lived in my condo for 4.5 years. I pay all the bills for the condo and provide limited financial support, but in the last few months she has obtained a full-time job. She is not on title for any of my real estate holdings, here or abroad. There are no children.

1. Am I in a common relationship with my foreign girlfriend?
2. Can she contact a lawyer in Ontario and get a court order for me to pay her spousal support or obtain a portion of my assets, which are held exclusively in my name?
3. If I invite her to Canada for a few months, am I exposing myself to negative financial consequences and liabilities?

The foreign country does not have common law relationships.
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