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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
Perhaps he's frustrated with the situation and is under a great amount of stress. Why not give him some breathing room and time as opposed to harassing him for child support the second he loses his job? Show some empathy people. You have any idea how devastating it can be to a person to lose your job or your home? And on top of that having your ex stinging your feet? It's crazy what people do to each other for money. He doesn't have a job he can't give you his hard earned money any more. Go learn a thing or two about independence. Grow up. You child is not going to suffer by not having child support for a couple months.
Perhaps he should have budgeted better as CS is an obligation, just like rent/mortgage or car insurance. This annual layoff is a regular occurrence, granted lasting a little longer this year than prior years.

I lost my home and my husband last year so I do have a pretty good idea how devastating major losses can be. However, I still had to meet all of my obligations both during his long illness with only my income and after his death with everything that brought on. I certainly have empathy for difficult situations having been in them myself, but I can see no valid reason for him to not pay CS until there is firm proof that he actually will no longer be employed by that company. And then he needs to take appropriate steps.

This does not appear to be about a "greedy" mom trying to harass a "poor downtrodden hardworking father" Trinton. Not all situations are like that.
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