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One thought - I'd suggest leaving your girlfriend's daughter out of the picture, much as possible. I know things are going great now, but there's often a "honeymoon period" when kids are first getting to know each other. I saw this with my kid when her father married a woman with a daughter. At first they were BFFs, but as the reality sank in that they were now going to be stuck with each other forever, things went south pretty quickly (though things seem to be getting better now).

Also, unfortunately the success rate for second relationships is not high, especially when one party moves in with a new girlfriend/boyfriend very soon after the marriage ends. Any judge looking at your materials will know this and won't put a lot of weight on the idea that Kid now has a "sister" - because there's a non-trivial likelihood that that "sister" won't be there in a year's time.

Her report card should also not be part of the CR because she is not a party to these proceedings. You should be mindful of her privacy too.
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