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I wonder if ex had to open up to the worker about her childhood and her depressive episodes. All I would have to do is get her med record to prove her depression didn't start with me.

Her mom was depressed. Depression is 40% genetic. Once you stop meds on depression you have a 50% relapse rate. Recurrence is almost guaranteed throughout life. I feel for people who have it including ex .. but for the love of god don't say it started with me.

After the baby .. her mom pressuring her and jealous of D3 across the road from my mom's "creepy nursery" (ridiculous) .. good enough trigger for relapse and post pardum. Huge changes after the baby. Weird ones.

You're right. Need those worker notes. OCL notes too. OCL has to ask if any mental health issues in the past. Ex would have lied to say no.
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