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Because of a lot of the ill informed perspectives here I'll post some quotes from the paper - if you don't trust me check it yourself

1. This is from the Cornell Law Review - so it doesn't seem to be something completely bias or non-authoritative (but who knows!)

with multiple studies finding that roughly half of
stepdaughters report sexual abuse by their stepfather or another adult.14
Research findings also confirm that stepfathers represent a greater proportion
of abusers than their incidence in the general population would suggest.1

If the definition of sexual abuse is limited to acts involving
physical contact, approximately twenty percent of female children experience
a serious, unwanted sexual assault (ranging from manual interference with
their genital area to completed intercourse) prior to their eighteenth birthday

child molestation is more common in lower socioeconomic classes has been

Those studies estimating the incidence of abuse find that as many as half the
girls in fractured families report sexual abuse as a child.

She found that “when other variables were held constant, children
living with males in the household after separation were 3.4 times more likely
to be sexually abused than were those living with both natural parents,” but
that when compared to children living with only females after separation,
children living with males in their household after separation “were more than
7 times more likely to be abused

or almost [four] times what would be expected based on the percent
of children cared for by nonbiologically related fathers.”

an annual rate of child sexual abuse
for boys and girls in single-father households equal to forty-six victims per
thousand children.

many as one in four stepfathers may sexually abuse the female children to
whom they have access

even though one study of severe abuse indicated that nearly threefourths
of nonoffending parents never suspected misconduct.260 Likewise,
seventy-two percent of survey respondents believed that sexually abused
children would most likely display behavioral changes, and that these
alterations would alert them to abuse.261 Again, this misplaced confidence
does not accord with how sexually abused children behave. As noted in Part
I, a third of sexually abused children have no apparent symptoms.262 The
disconnect between public convictions and the reality of abuse may warrant
more directive approaches to abuse prevention.

One study of sexually abused children found
that sixty-seven percent have mothers who were victimized themselves,
compared to only three percent of mothers in the study's control group.298
Although a history of sexual abuse is particularly common for mothers of
sexually abused children, studies repor t that significantly high proportions of
victims' fathers are also incest survivors.299

YOu can read the rest yourself, if you comment on this thread and ignore these snippets or don't read the paper .... well whatever suit yourself

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