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You may be entitled to repayment of the costs associated with the upgrades. As you are not on title of the house, you didn't actually contribute to the mortgage (paid other activities as you even stated above) and you weren't common law. IMO your claim to the actual house is weak at best.

He will claim that he allowed you to stay rent free and only cover your share of the utilities. Any monies you gave to him for trips and activities he will argue were gifts and it will be on you to prove that it was an agreed that these payments were in lieu mortgage payments.

Legal fees will chew into any compensation you may receive. Have you made any offers to your ex? If so, what did they include? I don't think you would win any portion of the house or any money spent on trips etc. I'm willing to bet that you will be entitled to get back the money on reno's you paid for. But outside that you have a number of strikes against you:

1. not common law, just bf/gf cohabitating
2. didn't pay monies towards the mortgage
3. not on title for the house

You entitlement to the house isn't much better then a tenant.