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Thank you rockscan for the response.

On the school expenses…

I hope you’re right and that support continues according to the table amount if our son is in school.

My kid definitely does not want to fail – the possibility of failing stresses him horribly. And that kind of stress isn’t necessarily bad. He just can’t have the extra burden of knowing the financial support I’m given is also on the line and connected to failing school. I am still wondering what “dropping below 50%” means? Is it one course, overall average, one term, one year… The father has not been explicit but that may be something for us to discuss at the Settlement Conference.

On the “willful underemployment”…

Thank you for the case law reference. And yes, I see that it is the “lack of pursuit to earn what they are capable of earning” that I would need to prove. That is surely a challenge, especially with the ongoing pandemic. So my thought is, should he AT LEAST be trying to secure employment given entrepreneurship over the last 2 years is not yielding towards his potential? OR is it because he is doing something rather than nothing that it will suffice? I will be shocked if it is the latter.

Disclosure is already a pain.. for both of us to be honest. When documentation has been shared, I have no idea how to interpret his earnings and there is no summary on what any of it means. I understand he does not need to provide a summary to me either. I think I need an accountant to make sense of it all.
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