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Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
After reviewing WorkingDad's entire set of posting on this site over the course of his litigation and final trial I have to say he is a model that many parents should really follow.

The successful litigation against an OCL assessment is no easy feat for the best solicitors let alone a self represented litigant!

This decision, once posted, should serve a lot of parents who are subjected to biased assessments by "professionals" who fail to appropriately investigate matters and apply the proper case law and evidence medicine in their recommendations.

Too many parents fall to the will of these professionals, who often conduct themselves in unprofessional manners, cannot maintain neutrality and fail to investigate the appropriate matters.

This situation demonstrates quite clearly the need for standard investigation guide lines for Section 30 of the Children's Law Reform Act and significant training for the people conducting these assessments far beyond what the vast majority have. Personal opinion should not be the basis of assessments but, sound cogent evidence based on proper investigations and a true assessment.

Congratulations to WorkingDad! Before the courts this is an incredible presidence that I don't think most people truly realize.

To have a judge identify his cross examination of the OCL Social Worker "devastating" is incredible. Social Workers are clinicians, mental health workers, and they have an obligation under their governing body to conduct themselves as such. Assessments are not "extra income" but, a clinical investigation into what is best for children. These Social Workers, Psychologists and Psychiatrists who conduct these "investigations" should be held accountable to the principles of "evidence based medicine" which their governing bodies rely on.

My hat goes off to WorkingDad. Hopefully more parents will be just as persistent and organized as he has been in these matters.

I can't wait to see the decision listed on!

Good luck to everyone in this situation!
I actual had a ocl in my favor. Suggesting equal access and joint custody. Suggesting that to give one parent the balance of power would not work. Said it was in the best interest of the children to see each parent equally. Judge kept me to one day a week short of equal access...full cs. And sole to mom....stating status quoe. Ocl was overly optimistic in her access that the parties would cooperate...The thing is. before we separated we made decisions jointly and cooperatively. After separation...she acted as in sole custody...knocking me out of the picture.... doing whatever she pleased...admitted in court to most of it with impunity...judge was not moved by any of it. Ruled against Ocl recommendations and children's wishes.

The thing is. Ocl is the only non biased person that has spent any time with us and the children. A total of 3 visits...2-4 hrs each visit...with each parent.

After reading about all the horor stories about Ocl and fathers I couldn't believe it when I got a decision in my favor....all for nothing though...get in the courtroom none of it mattered. Have to wonder all the dads that didn't have an Ocl in their many judges went again those reports for moms favor?? W.D. is now one...maybe things are changing....slowly but change is coming....congrats W.D.

So what does those all mean for W.D??