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Originally Posted by ambushed View Post
Please don't assume that shared custody is the best scenario. It does not work if the parents are not amicable. It means nothing once the court order is filed. It is extremely difficult on the children who don't feel they belong anywhere and who feel they have to "please" both parents.

The point is that shared parenting should be enforced unless it can be proven that it is not in the best interests of the children.

Kinda like innocent unless proven guilty.

From your other post "ambushed", your daughter was 15 when she decided she did not want to live with you - calling it 'kidnapping' is nonsense. Also from your previous post, your financial situation is not your ex's fault. It seems to me that you want to blame it all on him, but from what you said in your posts, its time you take responsibility for where you are in life and your relationship with your daughter.

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