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Originally Posted by NBDad View Post
And did your lawyer bring up any of that in court? If not, sounds like your lawyer didn't do his job properly.

Define mammoth day care? How many kids? What's she making "officially".
Start doing some pro se motions to have her provide her financials or kick your lawyer in the ass and have him start moving on discovery.

You can't fight this if you don't have the proper information. Request her Notice of Assessments, request receipts for childcare and/or pay your portion of the provider directly.

We don't know what she is making officially. She REFUSES to do a financial disclosure in full.

She refused to provide a notice of assessment.

She refused to provide a ROE.

The judge believed her when she said she volunteers (her boyfriend is is boss) at her old work and judge just picked a mid point between what she was making and what she says she is making from just the one job now. This is not a woman who volunteers for anything! It is all about money money money. And lets not forget power.

Judge gave a order for disclosure or to provided reasons why not disclosing. This sounds like more run around. She is threatening if we keep demanding a complete financial disclosure she will go after his pension and after even more spousal. She got a lump sum of 30,000 in 2008 plus the matrimonial home. for which she short changed him of equalization because no lawyers and no financial disclosure. Judged warned of opening this can of worms and suggested dropping it. ??? Why does everyone else have do do a disclosure but her?

so with income of job that requires massive transportation costs of 1300 per month because is is Union and he could be contracted anywhere in ONT. plus a grossed up military she was awarded 1550. Our lawyer said not to push transportation as the judge would tell him to move closer to his kids. Who cares about transportation costs to get to work I guess.

Plus day care bringing him up to one averaged out monthly payment of 2100 because FRO needs a number.

So this means after take home after tax she is taking more than 50% of his wage. So he literally can not afford to drive to work. OR we move closer to his kids and pray the assessor gives us 50%) She is going for sole EOW. Or we sell the house and split up so he can live with his parents. and I would go back to mine to restart again. His debts are huge because of the legal fees and he can no longer cover the

My wage is just slowly growing as I am self employed and just moved here so I am building a client base in growing market but it is brand new here so people are slow in trying new things. Places like Toronto I'd be booked solid. I also have a son that was moved here only 2 years ago to join our families and is settled now. It is not fair to him - any of this. I may have to give up the career I put on hold til my own child was old enough to now cover the gapping hole. If I wasn't here he would have been in a shoe box a year ago as at least I have been bringing in a little to help with food and some bills are all my responsibility. I haven't paid on his mortgage because we agreed it was his house and I would have no claim to it should we split cause I don't want to do that to his kids twice.

She convinced the judge that to move the kids to a daycare that gave receipts would be to traumatic for the children as they are accustomed to this under the table woman. She also convinced him that she needs to pay this private babysitter regardless of whether or not the kids are actually in her care (as you would with a real daycare) no verification for this or for the 2 rates of pay (reg. /summer/) or 3rd rate - now that youngest will be full day at school.

She convinced the judge that she had a conflict of interest with our chosen assessor (a psychologist) because her old job as office manager of a clinic shared some patience. SO now we have some stupid game where she picks 3. We pick 3. We then each pick one off each others list and that the two top picks have to decide themselves who is better suited for the case. ???WTF? Talk about bias. "I am cause i need a new pool" "no I am cause I want an extended hols this year. " Is this monkey court???

It is so hard to see my wonderful man who is so strong, has served his country, get ruined by a vindictive b*tch who emotionally abused him in the first place and has had enough affairs to displace multiple families children.

Where the hell is justice? It is not in the Canadian courts.

Where is freedom to work hard, earn a decent wage, and have a decent life?