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Default Family Court ate another man today in family court!

I am disgusted, disappointed, and discouraged.

Based on lies, failure to provide Documents, and heavy hitting, my fiance is now forced to pay so much he will no longer be able to afford to keep his job as it requires travel expense, or lose the house, or I don't know what.

Why is it disclosure only applies to us? Or ROE's and paystubs have to be submitted by us? Since when is it law for one and not law for another?

She made up a daycare amount. Lied about her second job. refused to disclose recent income info or previous financials. Refused to sign an affidavit stating she had no further assets yet we who followed every letter of the law have been hit with a mammoth day care on top of a grossed up pension to bring him to paying her well over 1/2 of his take home pay.

There is no way we can afford assessor now and it feels like we have been swallowed up and spit out. I don't know what the future holds for us for for the children.

Do we just say fine take sole custody and give up?

Do I say go live with your parents, sell your house and see you in 12 years when the kids are all grown?

His debt is already high. Now how can he even afford his lawyer?

I've never seen him so crushed.

Good to know their sociopath mother can afford more than her usual 4 holidays a year now.

Canada you should be ashamed of yourself! You have taken a once military hero and turned him into pulverized dinner for a narcissistic wench to feed off of.

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