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Originally Posted by Hephzibah View Post
Sorry if my post was distasteful. That was not my intent.

A bit of history: After being dismissed from the hospital for abuse after I confronted about his girlfriend, going to a shelter, him keeping all the furniture except 2 end tables, a desk he broke and a small pantry he broke, refusing to give me my passport until the lawyers got involved and I still haven't received some of my legal documentation (birth certificate, vaccination card, etc.) Him taking the best car, living in the marital home, and me with almost nothing except my life.... while I waited for the slow legal process was difficult. Him refusing to return calls, e-mails, certified letters to his lawyer for 7 months - it just felt wonderful to not feel like I was on the bottom of the barrel. Sorry if my excitement that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now was offensive. That was not my intent.
I did not find you post distasteful. If anyone was playing games it was your ex by not getting his mail, answering his phone etc.