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Originally Posted by backinthesaddle View Post
Does she have interim possession of the matrimonial home or is your release condition on the charges that you simply cannot go to the home? Depending on the facts in issue....was your ex injured, doctors reports, witnesses, your previous (if any) criminal record you may just be given a conditional discharge with an 810 peace bond...Most end up like this for minor domestics but Ontario has a strict domestic violence policy that RPG must charge and no discretion. I would ask to speak to the crown on your case. Is your condition not to contact kids? You should still be able to parent if the incident did not involve your children or they did not witness anything. You should be asking for spousal support and child support once your criminal charges are done with.I make 50k more and my ex was demanding it and my lawyer said it was law and I was SOL. (I sorted it out by making a deal with the devil and giving him more equity in the home) Dealing with the separation and details involving support and custody is redundant if your charges are before the court for criminal charges. You don't want status quo for custody to be what it is today. Again, depends on the details of the case and how historical they are...hard to prove anything from 5 years ago unless there is evidence. How old are the kids?
1. Yes she has interim possession of matrimonial home as part of bail conditions.
2. No injuries, no medical reports, but trial already booked.
3. I am allowed to contact kids but they are young.
4. So can I ask for spousal support now or do I have to wait until criminal trial is done? I am already paying her child support.
6. Kids are under 10 years old
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