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Originally Posted by moremiles View Post
I have been looking at living else where especially with the senior community. Waiting list are very long and I've added my name to.
Iím not saying senior homes or retirement communities, Iím saying affordable housing like townhomes, condos and apartments. I live in a higher priced community that has now approved a number of ďadult focused, affordableĒ housing developments. They are aimed at seniors looking to downsize. I am sure there are options you just donít want to consider anything but what you have now.

I live in very unique location.
People who win lotteries want to live here. Beautiful lake on one passion Kayaking, swimming and unbelievable sunsets year round. A forest out my back door providing miles of trails for hiking, snowshoeing and X country skiing.
Are you a lottery winner? Its great you have all that but you canít afford it nor is it sustainable. Everyone would love to live in cottage country with all these amenities around them but the reality is not many can. You are getting divorced. Your household income has been split and you can barely make ends meet with several part time jobs. There are plenty of communities that offer amenities to people who live in affordable accommodations. Time to wake up.

Plus this was my parents home I spent a big part of my life here and returned because I wanted my family to enjoy this quality of life.
Life changes, your parents lived in a different time, costs have increased and home values have skyrocketed. Nostalgia does nothing for you. Memories donít pay the bills.

I know lots of seniors who live on our road well into their 80's. I know I can manage for along time yet. If you saw where I live you'd understand why I want to stay as long as possible.

Good for them. Do they have great retirement income? A reverse mortgage? A paid off house? Shared income?

As awful as what Im saying sounds you need a reality check. I would love to live in a bigger home on a lake with lots of amenities. I canít afford it. I would also love to travel more, have a fancy car and wear expensive clothes. I canít afford it. I live within my means. When my parents split my mother insisted on living in a house we couldnít afford and it almost destroyed us emotionally and her financially. Itís a house. It isnít crucial for your survival. You wonít die if you move. You can still use trails, lakes and forests from another home. You are being really ridiculous. What if you fell and injured yourself so severely you couldnít take care of the house or work for six months? What if he died and you no longer got support? What if the lake flooded and destroyed your house? Give your head a shake. Your ex can pay you spousal if you are in a different city. You can afford a home that isnít in mansion cottage land. You should be thinking long term survival financially.
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