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Thank you for response. I have been looking at living else where especially with the senior community. Waiting list are very long and I've added my name to. Iam grateful for excellent health and have been able to do all the yard work and snow shovelling etc. Not sure if you read reason I hang on. I live in very unique location.
People who win lotteries want to live here.
Beautiful lake on one passion Kayaking, swimming and unbelievable sunsets year round. A forest out my back door providing miles of trails for hiking, snowshoeing and X country skiing. Plus this was my parents home I spent a big part of my life here and returned because I wanted my family to enjoy this quality of life.
If only I hadn't trust my husband to take care of the finances I dont think I'd be in this position. I know lots of seniors who live on our road well into their 80's. I know I can manage for along time yet. If you saw where I live you'd understand why I want to stay as long as possible.
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