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You may want to get a lawyer to give you advice. Your ex can say a lot of stuff to get you to do what he wants, it doesnt mean its legal. Based on your age and length of marriage you are more than likely entitled to ongoing long term spousal support. Even if he stops working he will still be obligated to pay.

Again, you may need to look at other options. A house like you have described is unsustainable both in a repair approach and in your aging. Remember you will not be as mobile as you are now or able to work as you are now. Your house will still require repair and maintenance and what happens when you are on old age security?

You need to start approaching this realistically. There probably are other options in your community as many communities across Canada are introducing affordable housing especially for seniors. If not, you need to give serious thought to moving into a community that is affordable and geared to seniors. how you would manage in your 70s and 80s?
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