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The reshingling of roof evident of dire repair long before ex left, i have pictures... People would say when are you going to fix your roof? my ex tried to convince me it was fine. Same for crawl space, but crawl space hard to access 3ft high under house I never went under as it is dark and hard to manoeuvre. Since ex left I have braved the journey under was able to see for myself and take pictures. Also have inspection report with estimate which my ex bulked at and is in denial of the reality cost.
My ex now lives in his dad's home for free (his dad now lives with his girlfriend and his home was unoccupied) my ex will inherit his Dad's home which is mortgage free plus a huge inheritance. My ex is still working but will probably retire as soon as his inheritance happens or at age 65 what ever comes first. His dad is 90 years old. So here's another question. If my ex claims he has no assets to pay support and he receives his inheritance could that be considered an asset and could ex at least give support payments then.
Ex says he only plans on giving me support til 2023. When I turn 65. Support payments came 1.5 year after ex left when his lawyer strongly suggested to him to start support immediately and they decided what amount I should receive. I have not signed anything, but been accepting support payments as they deem and I've been accepting as I needed it to survive. Before support payments made we remained our status quo staying in our mutual bank accounts. Again once he retained a lawyer coached him to get his own bank accounts. Which I have also. However his support payment is paid into our still exsisting joint bank account that the mortgage payment comes out of. The mortgage payment is only $900.00 including taxes. (I cant rent a place for $900.00) His support pays the mortgage. I make enough to pay all the remaining house bills, but not much left over. I'm willing to forgo foundation repair for now as it is impacting mostly one corner of the foundation and I simply just dont use that room. I dont anticipate further damage as I've had a second sump pump put in and crawl space hopefully wont flood anymore during the spring thaw. This spring will tell. It all gets complicated, I hope this information is helpful giving more insight to my situation. There is not many options to relocate in my community. And many of the options available more expensive than what I'm paying now. Thank you in advance for listening and your time in coaching uneducated person see and understand my options.
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