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Default Spousal Support vs Occupational Rent

Dear all,

I am going into my settlement conference in the next month or two and wanted to know if anyone has any insight if I should be asking for spousal support or occupational rent or both?

We both work, I pay child-support and S7 expenses, but am facing financial hardship as a result of having to move out. She makes about $40k more than I do.


-Separated in August 2019
-October 2019, she reports me to police for historical abuse allegations against her. As a result, she has exclusive possession of the house and "de facto custody" of the kids.
-Since then, she has only allowed me see my kids once a week, even though I was very involved all their lives.
-I have criminal charges pending as a result of my ex-wife's allegations and am planning on going to trial to defend myself. As a result, I have NO CONTACT ORDER (so can't talk/email her).
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