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Originally Posted by momof2teenboys View Post
I think an appropriate response would be -

"Yes I agree with your request regarding xxx. For anything additional please provide costs, expected deadlines, accommodations, programs of study etc as soon as possible. "

I'd also be tempted to add something about the texts and emails to the child regarding these decisions being ignored. If the child wants him to contribute they should be sending him updates at the very least.

ugh. this is all so messy. with requiring costs to be paid absent a relationship with kid(s), etc. I almost feel like if the relationship ceases- all cs should stop too. but i'm saying that from a position where i could still provide absent CS.

I've been banking 80% of CS in a fund for D2, with the intention of using it for post secondary when the time never even entered into my mind that there would be a fight for this.
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