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Yes do a spreadsheet showing what should have been paid vs what was paid. And show what is then owing due to the discrepancy. Iíve done it with. A few calculations since I had to estimate the Respondentís income (ie this is the proportion of sec 7 and amount owing if they earned $75,000, this is the amount is they earned $85,000). That way when the actual amount of income is detiremented you have the calculations ready to go.

Judges want it to be as simple as possible, something they can look at and agree with, preferably one page (or, if it needs to be more than one page, have a one page summary with the supporting documentation following it). Really, you want to convince the Respondent that your figures are accurate, they can dispute how they shouldnít have to pay because their poodle-hair grooming hobby eats up too much of their money to pay section 7, but let that be their argument rather than arguing over the amounts themselves. If you can walk into court with as much agreed as possible beforehand it just goes smoother. Maybe a form 20 agree to admit would get you to an agreed statement of facts?
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