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There are some really great books on blended families out there, Stepfamilies by James Bray and John Kelly is a great one - I have some of their other books and foiund them everso helpful.
There's also a lot of great material about this on the web.

I'm finding with my kids...its largely dependent on the personality of my children, the relationship they have with the ex, and their ages...but mostly its a function of time. I know there's a lot of posts on this site about how much the involvement (both positive and negative) of an ex-spouse can influence this too.

Aside from making sure that you foster an environment that emphasizes respect, I think its best just to wait it out...let time pass. Let go of your expectations of what you thought/hoped it would be. Some kids just react more slowly to change than others and they don't necessarily have to have a parental relationship anyway.