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Default Mediation - Preparing for mediation


I have some questions on preparing for mediation, as in what do I need to do to be ready.

The separation date is Jan 1, 2020, although we were living in the same house until May 1 2020. My paycheques were deposited to our joint bank account until Sept 2020. From Sept 2020, my pay is deposited to a sole account. I was ordered to pay spousal and child support starting Feb 2021 and I have been paying. Title to the house is in ex's name. Ex lives in the house with 3 kids, all of whom are above the age of majority and are in school. No assets have been split yet.

We have mediation in two weeks, and I don't know what to expect or how to prepare for it. What should I do to get ready?

My counsel is not that communicative and hasn't answered that question, other than to say they will be preparing a brief. Plus my counsel tends to approach things from a bigger picture perspective while opposing counsel tends to be detail oriented, combing through the joint bank statements item by item and bringing many items into affadavits that were expenditures for the family or to pay taxes and stating these were my expenditures only and should be attributed to me. I am concerned that my ex's counsel will have spent a lot of time on the details and will use this in mediation and I don't have a response to the mediator bc I haven't done the legwork. I can do the legwork, just need guidance on what I should be doing.

This is completely new to me, any advice appreciated.
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