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I think you have expressed a passion for what you have learned and this is the most important issue. The fact you feel you have something that can help others who face such a daunting task and are willing to do something is commendable. I think you should go ahead!

As far as the legal details you really are only required to make note of materials you make reference to as a bibliography at the end. This does not mean if you use the words of another - this will infringe on the rights of another author and possibly copyrights but it does not mean you can't as you say obtain permission from the author (s).

Thankfully I am pst the time of having to worry about the OCL but my feeling is the majority of the time it is brought up it is not in a positive light for sure. I can't remember if I have ever read how good of a job they did in shinning the light on the truth regarding the most important thing in the whole wide world - Our Children. If this is any indicator of "do you think there may be value in what you propose" then you have one vote!
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