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Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
Answer: A highly conflicted individual. In fact, it is quite a common pattern of behaviour of someone who is this highly conflicted. They will threaten, call the police and serve baseless contempt motions in an attempt to create fear, obligation and guilt in the other parent.

Any opportunity to create conflict, even on minor details like this, they will try to create conflict. They will step on your parenting time, make last minute requests and create unnecessary "emergencies" which they try to "sell" as being "all your fault".
A person who is high conflict is not thinking about the other person at all, period. They are thinking about themselves. Not how to create fear and guilt in the other parent.

To the high conflict individual, it is all about deflecting responsibility from themselves.

If they were thinking at all about you, the other parent, or the child, this behaviour would not take place in the first place.

So, stop reacting to them as if they were reasonable, they are not. They are going to create conflict every time.