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This is his day with her on the schedule, he is responsible for her care.

He rightly offered you first refusal for childcare/pickup, but you are unable to fill in. If he is unwilling to accomodate your appointment, he therefore should be paying a babysitter to go and pick up the child, notifying the camp of the additional person who is authorized to pick up on that date.

I don't for a second think he is being reasonable, but I think your best recourse is just to say "OK, you have to find a sitter for that day then" and withdraw from the conversation. When I do that with my ex when she is being like that, she ends up calling back and accomodating me. Or very rarely she will call her sister to do it, but I still have ROFR for the future.

On other days you should remind him of right of first refusal. I forget, but I think you have that worked in?