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My thing is that I believe your hopes may be too high.
Separate the issues; equalization and support.

The small amount of assets and debt will be accounted for with the rest of the house equity being split 50/50.

I don't believe you'll get credit for paying spousal because ex should've had an income imputed. Same for child support. Ex will be imputed, but I believe only moving forward from order date. Your overpayment which you never tried fixing, I could see the judge saying go after your lawyer for that - knowing that you agreed to it.

I had similar imputation hopes as yours which was killed with one line... Changing the order on a retroactive basis would exacerbate the parties' financial positions.

I paid a larger equalization payment (kept the house) regardless of how ex spent it. Income was imputed creating offset support, however spousal went up with more money available.

Life will be good soon enough. Once spousal ends, you're still paying with about a 75% discount.
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