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Exclamation cra entrapment

cra entrapment of parents and single moms and dads
Originally Posted by pjay721 View Post
cra will not accept any info my daughter is sending telling them her ex doesnt live with her anymore and they won't let her update her status on my cra online account now they are demanding back child benfits overpayment and more she is single mother who works

she and her ex lived with her father cra wont even accept letter from her dad who let them reside at his house

the ex never changed his address and because of online go paperless with cra and service canada it is hard to prove to cra he does not live there cause cra and service canada websites went paperless and banks paperless and person has no need to change address when its to their advantage

what mess all this paperless digital age is messing up lives

child benefits when you say a common law relationship is over its over yes my daughter made a mistake yes she got involved in a man who never files taxes or pays child support and she did make a bad judgement when filing her taxes

i beleive also when you are single changing to married on cra site then to separated that no one after that should put in single because cra says your never single again this is misleading and then cra uses that to generate an audit sneaky of cra misleading

i believe the laws should change about proving to cra your ex doesnt live there anymore
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