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Default Spousal Equivalent for CRA

Here is the situation.
Separated Jan 9, 2009.
A couple of Temporary Consent Orders.
Have 3 children. 1 is no longer "child of the marriage"
For the other two we have "joint custody" with ex having "primary residence". My access is under review due to a court ordered assessment. I do not currently enjoy more than 40% access.
I would like to be able to claim one of my children as "equivalent to spouse" on my Income Tax documents.
If I were to get my ex to agree to allow me to claim one of them, what are the implications to her?
I would assume her CTC would be reduced but not sure?
It would certainly put me in a better position financially due to the tax implications.
She is asking / threatening a motion for Section 7 expences. We just had a case conference and the Judge suggested rather strongly that she should be careful in moving forward with a motion due to my financial situation, in that I am running at a loss of about $2K per month. There is just no more money right now. I do realize that I should be contributing to some of these expences and I thought that this might be a way of "making" extra money to fund this request.
Does anyone have any thoughts?