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I am saying there are 2 sides to a story. Nobody knows who dragged who to trial unless I misread something, nobody knows the age of the kids either or what the custody arrangement is. All we know is that 2 people went to trial, 1 was unrepresented and 1 was represented. We know that 1 of them owns a business and 1 declared bankruptcy. We also know that one of them has not bought the other out of the matrimonial home, and will not sell it either. I probably am a piece of work, but your the Mess lol. :P
Given the few facts in this story you cannot come up with much. Just thought the story was a bit funny. I cannot feel much for either in this case since we only know 1 side, and its only the surface of the story.
See, from what I see. Its a woman who owns a business, went to trial with a high priced lawyer against a guy who could not afford one. Now she wants costs for the trial to pay for her lawyer from someone who could not pay for one himself. He is bankrupt and totally broke and now she is trying to get blood from a stone, and she refuses to divide the assets which could be why he cannot afford support since she has the assets from the marriage.