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Default joint custody

Question regarding joint custody for two kids of 11 yrs and respectively 8 yrs old, the 11 yrs old with ADD, I have been the primary care-giver financially and physically, my ex claims that he is the one that took care of the kids while I was going through equivalency for my licence in Canada (which is not real at all,I struggled all along and worked full time at the same time, him being a typical eastern European man). He wants shared custody for the child support purposes , I would have to pay him couple hundred monthly, otherwise if residential it's with me he would have to pay big time. I told him I don't need not even a loonie from him, I managed up to now paying everything. He just wants that because he wants to punish me. I told him he has open access to them, both kids need stability, specially our son. He has an alcohol issue as well.
How can I get the residential with me? I am just thinking of the best of the kids. Also he was to restrict us to stay in the area of 25 km around just because he wants it, I tried to reason with him in regards to the time of high school and what is the best for the kids but there is no way of reasoning.
I woud appreciate any advice.
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