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Theres a lot of the backstory that gets lost from mom2twos previous posts and now. Remember that this is a parent who was fine with the way things were going, was paying what was required, was barely seeing the kids and shut his mouth for FIVE YEARS. He found a new partner who has kids and wants to blend the families. He didnít file to change the situation because of that. HE STOPPED PAYING. Mom2two had to file a motion to get him to pay for medical, education and sports that dad had been paying all along. He moved to another city and suddenly started dictating how he wants things. In any other case of a dad wanting change you see someone who has moved down the street, attends all appointments and meetings, pays extra for activities, provides daycare services himself, goes to therapy and all the other parenting classes etc. This man does none of that.

Even when oCL did their in home visit he was barely involved. His gf did all the activities and dad caused issues OCL noted he needed to change. OCL witnessed issues between the kids and the gfs kids and recommended they not be there on the weekends.

This is absolutely a case of dads new partner wanting to change the status quo and dad simply saying no more money if I dont get what I want. He has even bullied her into getting what he wants over the last year when it comes to his parenting time.

The judge ordered OCL because dad said give me the kids. I have a hard time believing they wonít review the report. At this point, youíve offered a reasonable amount of time and funds. You are not asking for thousands for bullshit expenses. These are all necessary for their physical and emotional health.

I saw take a deep breath, see what the judge says tomorrow and then go from there. You will have a better idea once the judge weighs in.
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