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Question Trying to Be Reasonable


I'd appreciate any thoughts on this situation. Thank you very much for your help.

My partner and I have separated. We were engaged, but mutually agreed to go our separate ways. At the time, she initiated the discussion about our future, as she always has. We have one joint asset: our house. She enabled the purchase by making the down payment and paying for applicable taxes. I have been paying off a loan and had put my savings into paying it down, so I had no savings (save $2000) to contribute; however, my salary was enough to make the majority of the mortgage payment.

She has initiated the sale of the house, but is--on paper--taking all the risk. To make up for that, I offered to share the risk associated with the sale of the house.

Since making that offer, she has added charges and expenses onto the total amount to be 'shared' on the grounds that they were associated with the acquisition of the house. Meanwhile, our discussion and agreement (and my offer) revolved around sharing the risk for the sale of the house, not its acquisition as well.

She has sent me spreadsheets with data, and I have told her--face-to-face--that I don't accept the figures that are included in there.

I don't want this to go to courts, but her in person communication is really aggressive and she shouts and insults me. I suggested that we keep our correspondence in writing because our face-to-face communication is unproductive. In her reply, she started claiming that I had agreed to things which I hadn't.

We happen to know several lawyers, and all of them have come up with the same interpretation of what will happen in court. It won't be good for her. Meanwhile, I'm trying to be fair, and, actually, that doesn't seem to be good enough, which makes me wonder how else to get this resolved quickly. I'd appreciate any thoughts.

Thank you.